Well, after the madness of the festive season, making sure everyone else has fun whilst we toil, we all wait for the inevitable flu and sickness to kick in as soon as we all take the foot off the gas and relax… But that said, here at Select, Christmas is now a distant memory and we’ve hit the ground running.

As always, there will be the odd doubting Thomas but we genuinely feel that the fresh burger market is set to grow even stronger this year and we have been spending more and more time with our chefs developing blends and creating extended relationships throughout the chains of supply.

I have personally spent the first week of January discussing a bespoke burger blend with the Exec Chef of The Colombo Group Niall Davidson, which he wanted to introduce into the super busy Blues Kitchen restaurants (‘London’s very own home of BBQ, Blues & Rock n’ Roll !) in Camden, Shoreditch and Brixton.

After much blending, tweaking and tasting we cracked it within the week… and now it’s on the menu.

Go try it for yourself… it’s pretty amazing.