This month’s corner takes me to a new company who has a lot of history with Select.

Hippo Inns is the new pub company set up by Rupert & Jo Cleveley, the founders of Geronimo Inns with whom we have had a long relationship with.

We have been working with Zoe Reed (Head Foodie) on sourcing the perfect chicken, amongst other cuts, for the Rotisserie operation in the first Hippo Inn, The Signalin Forest Hill, led by Head Chef Kyle Jansen van Rensburg.

Their mission statement is simple…

“At Hippo Inns we believe and want to ensure, that our pubs are the best and one of a kind within the neighbourhood. We want our pubs to be the hub of the local community, a home away from home for our locals where food, drink and service are always exceptional.”

Perfect huh? They have big plans for the future… expect to see and enjoy one near you soon. Good luck guys.