Select have recently been contacted by the one and only Dans Le Noir, we have welcomed the opportunity to supply this truly astonishing idea of a restaurant based in Clerkenwell. Christian was in for a little bit of a shock when he entered the dining hall and suddenly felt rather vulnerable considering he was plunged into darkness, we hear he shed a little tear but maybe next time a little research wouldn’t go a miss, after all, Dans Le Noir is french for dining in the dark, and they do it very well indeed. Guests can choose among a limited choice of Surprise Menus.

The idea is that each guest should not know exactly what he or she will be eating… just the general category. It’s all about the flavours, aromas, textures and seasonings.

It is an old principle often used in the industry, called “blind tasting”. Hopefully this answers all your questions of why Christian now goes into all his meetings with a small torch in hand 😉