With 8 restaurants in the group so far including the recent opening of St James,
we are really happy to start working with
Bone Daddies, we’re starting off with 3 sites to ensure all the specs and delivery slots can be fulfilled and once all parties are satisfied we will look to take on the rest. If this is your first look at Bone Daddies have a little read and get to know them.

“Bone Daddies is the brainchild of acclaimed chef Ross Shonhan. 

Passionate about Japan, Ross wanted a home for his version of Japanese food and contemporary culture, created specifically for London. 

Combining original Japanese dishes with Ross’s unique twist, Bone Daddies promises considered, yet incredible tasting food, served to a soundtrack of old school rock. 

Beginning with our Peter Street venue, the original Bone Daddies was launched as a simple Ramen Bar. Crowded and loud, it continues to serve our signature Bone Daddies noodles. Deceptively quick to serve and eat, these complex, great tasting bowls of ramen involve many hours of preparation, from boiling bones into creamy, flavoursome broths to cutting our vegetables by hand to ensure the best, hand-crafted quality. 

Our desire to deliver memorable, standout Japanese-inspired food has driven the opening of every new Bone Daddies restaurant. From ramen to izakaya or y?shoku, each delivers something slightly different, with the guarantee of creative food full of flavour.”