#1 Carl Clarke. 

I started cooking many years ago, too many than I care to remember at the tender age 15 at The Grand Hotel, Jersey. How I got there is another story but if you check out my interview on Munchies it will tell you everything you need to know.

I guess I started cooking for real at The Belvedere for Marco Pierre White and then went off to do various bits and pieces in the Michelin world. I was the Head Chef of U2’s The Clarence in Dublin as well as a private chef on the Gerald Ford Plantation in Savanah Georgia, and Executive Chef at the first ever Harvey Nichols in Istanbul.

It’s pretty well documented that I then went off and started do a few crazy Pop Up events a few years ago including God Save The Clam, The English Launderette, Rock Lobsta at Mahiki and Discobistro. Today I have two restaurants, Chick n Sours in Hagerston and in Seven Dials with two more in the pipeline this year and a brand new project kicking off very soon…

Image Credit: Tom’s Dinner