We supply the whole range of beef products and source from a variety of countries for specific customers.

And for every product we source the same principle applies – we need to know that the people involved in the production are applying the same strict standards as us.

It’s no secret that for beef to give consistently satisfying flavour, it has to be reared with care. Which is why when we are asked to supply a supreme beef product we only use small, family-owned farms who share our passion for well nurtured cattle. And we make it our business to know the regions, the farms, and most of the farmers too which always helps.

Alongside the cross breeds and traditional breeds we use as standard, we have access to Dexter, Galloway, Angus, Shorthorn, Longhorn – and even Highland. All our rare breed cattle live as they should; roaming and grazing in large, open fields and they’re slaughtered later so their meat develops a more intense flavour. This is done with minimum stress, so there is less adrenalin in the meat, which creates a more tender and flavoursome cut.

Dry-aging is the most effective way to ensure optimum flavour and texture for more information on this technique please visit www.eastlondonsteak.co.uk/dryageing.html We dry age all our beef for 21-28 days on request but if you require longer, just ask us, it’s no problem.

As with all produce supplied by Select Butchery provenance is key so we will provide the exact origin of your beef if required.

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