All the poultry we source is farm assured at the very least and we have an extensive range of free range and imported products from producers who understand the benefits of an outdoor life for hens, ducks and geese.

Our standard and free range birds enjoy the best possible lives and we regularly audit the welfare and hygiene standards of all our poultry and game suppliers. We care passionately about the poultry you order, from it’s life on the farm right up to the moment it is delivered to your kitchen.

We source our game direct from a variety of estates throughout the UK. The estate managers we deal with understand the importance of freedom and allow the animals to roam and explore their natural habitats creating satisfying flavour and succulence. All our game is hung appropriately to ensure the very best flavour and texture possible.

As with all produce supplied by Select Butchery provenance is key so we will provide the exact origin of your poultry and game if required.

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