It’s a known fact that lambs are best reared on meadows rich in grass and clover, yielding dark, close-textured meat, so we only use farms who share our passion for non-intensive farming and have total control of their animal’s welfare.

The majority of our lamb comes from West Devon with the remainder from Wales. Along with the commercial and traditional breeds we use as standard, we also source rare breeds such as Swaledale, Jacob and Herdwick and have access to a range of farms across North Yorkshire that really have mastered their craft.

Recently the more flavoursome meat from the older hoggets, shearlings and mutton has become popular, and we can hang all our carcases for around fourteen days on request to further enhance the taste. This is the length of time we believe is needed to impart the most satisfying flavour and texture.

As with all produce supplied by Select Butchery provenance is key so we will provide the exact origin of your Lamb or Mutton if required.

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