News Monthly Archives: June 2016

Britain’’s Best Sausage

Another year on and another winning recipe from our sausage supplier Graham White & Co. This year their premium pork originals became 'Britain'’s Best Sausage' at the Meat Management Awards 2016. Well done guys, we look forward to next year’s winning recipe!!

Slow Fire

Slow Fire London launched the month at Granary Place in Kings Cross from a distinctive converted Chevrolet GMC ambulance! Owner Peter Barnard cooks deliciously slow cooked whole joints of locally sourced meat prepared over wood and charcoal and serve... more

The Job Centre

Part of the Antic Group, the Job Centrebased on Deptford High Street, which takes it's name from the employment agency that once occupied the venue, is only a stone’s throw away from the newly developed train station. The spacious street level bar'’s in... more


So it’'s June, home of the longest day of the year, the first day of summer and Select’'s annual BRC date. The whole team has been concentrating all year round for these few days on which our hard work comes down to a letter on a piece of paper, just to prove we’'re better than the average butcher. Well this year th... more
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