News Monthly Archives: March 2017

Market News

Not a lot to scream and shout about this month, but as we start getting ready for spring to settle in we have some great value lamb coming through, Mr Edward Hull over at Turncole farm with his saltmarsh and our friends in Suffolk providing our Norfolk horn lambs are proof of this! We are seeing cattle prices holding ... more

Person of Interest

So if you're wondering how we manage to process over 500 orders from 11pm and still get the deliveries to you the next day, its down to our crack team of staff that work tirelessly through the night whilst the rest of us are tucked up in bed. The man that makes this graveyard shift tick is our one and only Mick Hegga... more

Cross country

So over the past couple of months we have taken full advantage of the quieter period and jetted off to see some of our producers. First of all myself and Christian departed Select HQ in Essex and braved the cold, dark & foggy morning roads as we made tracks North towards Shropshire. As we neared the small town of W... more

The Thatched House…

We have recently started supplying Hammersmith’s warmest welcome, The Thatched House. Did you know the Thatched House was built in the 1850’s and was the last pub in London to be serviced by the dray horse from the Wandsworth Brewery? So we know the pub has a very long and colourful history but they couldn’t be f... more
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