Partridge: There are two species of partridge shot in the UK, the Redleg (or French) partridge and the English (or Grey) partridge. Although available fresh right to the end of the season it should be noted that numbers may be limited from December onwards. English partridge are much less abundant and so consequently maintain a higher price than the Redlegs.

Mallard: This is by far the most common species of wild duck shot in the U.K. Good numbers tend to be available from late September onwards. Prices are usually quite stable from October onwards.

Grouse: With the better weather in England this year, Grouse breeding has been much more successful than previous years, leading us to believe that we may have our best grouse season on the cards. With a deeper, gamier flavour than chicken and good value for money, it’s worth trying.

Pheasant: Often overlooked, pheasant has a unique game flavour which is perfect on the grill. Like every season, the prices will start off strong but then drop towards Christmas.