Some of you already know Elliott Earnshaw, but for those that don’t, Elliott is our Operations Manager – the engine that drives Select some may say. But not only is he vital to Select, he’s pivotal for many of our customers too. Elliott has lived in Surrey all his life, making the 2 hour drive to work for over a year, but now he’s decided to relocate to Essex to be closer to Select. This is a huge decision for him as he’ll be leaving everything he has ever known back in Surrey. When asked about his reasoning he replies: “Select is 24/7, I have to sleep sometimes but being closer to work means I’m far more available for our customers and employees, plus I’m less likely to get a ticket for speaking to customers in the office than being on the phone to them in the car!!” In short, whether you’re a customer or a Select employee, there are certain staff that put you before themselves. We feel lucky to have Elliott here at Select and want him to know we appreciate him. In fact, since making this decision he seems to have really embraced Essex, as you can see from his white Mercedes and the wearing of sunglasses in the cold.