Dragon’s Den star Joe Walters has announced the launch of his pop-up Texan BBQ at BrewDog Shoreditch. The maverick cowboy will be cooking up a storm in the East London venue, following a standout pitch for his beef jerky company on the BBC 2 entrepreneurial show in August. Texas Joe’s BBQ will serve a full range of smokin’ Southern delights including slow-cooked brisket, beef ribs, chili-dogs and fresh cornbread and Turner and George’s Nothing goes better with beer than awesome, smoky, meaty BBQ food. And lots of it. That’s why BrewDog are stoked to have signed up Texas Joe’s to start serving up some of the smokiest stacks of prime beef, pork, chicken and links this side of the Lone Star State For all ‘real’ BBQ lovers a BrewDog beer and Texas Joe’s BBQd meat is the ultimate combination and currently taking Shoreditch by storm! Find out more on what London’s favourite Texan has to offer…. www.texas-joes.com