Now, I’m sure you will all agree the biggest headache that a chef has is getting their deliveries at a time that suits them. The biggest headache we have at Select is getting deliveries to the chefs at that time!

We believe we have a very efficient delivery schedule, which comes as a result of working very closely with all of you. Whilst our team conquer the increasingly difficult traffic of London Town, we are always trying our utmost to meet the agreed delivery times. In the last 3 months, it has become apparent that we have needed to improve our logistics to keep up with demand and to keep improving the service we provide. In response to this, as from next week, we will be launching a new delivery route to improve our logistical operations. A week later another new route will also launch.

To look after this and everything transport-related, we have promoted Dan Tworkowski to the position of Transport Manager. Dan has been with Select for 5 years and knows London as well as any Black Cab driver. Dan has created our new routes, as he has driven pretty much every route we have ever had in London! Please bear with us during the early stages of these new routes and let me know if you come across any problems or concerns. The sooner I know, the sooner I can sort them out for you.

And finally, I can assure you the Fat Controller on the green ‘John Deere’ tractor above will not be delivering around London – ‘elf and safety won’t allow it!