On a warm summer’s day, we all met up at Paddington station for the early train down to Taunton in Somerset.

The Geronimo chefs headed up by Mark Daniels and I, were paying our final visit to Gothelney Farm to check up on the 10 Mangalitsas which have been lovingly reared by Fred Price, on behalf of Geronimo.
Fred took us on the long walk through the wheat and oilseed rape fields, which are the main source of income for Gothelney Farm, to the copse where the pigs have been reared for the last 10 weeks. They looked absolutely fantastic – healthy and happy!

After meeting the pigs we headed back to the farmhouse for drinks and lunch. On the train back to Paddington we discussed the breakdown of the pigs after they’’ve been slaughtered and which Geronimo sites were getting what cuts in anticipation for the great porky promotion on the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of July. This sure won’’t be a weekend to miss!
Watch this space for next month’’s update on how it all went!