As you all know we pride ourselves on the quality of the meat we produce and the manner of which it’s supplied to you all. Well we’re now looking to extend our knowledge and develop our own bracket of welfare grading so you know the dishes you serve come from animals that have lived as fulfilling a life as possible. This will be a year’s project which will grade each of our suppliers against our scheme. The reasoning behind a bespoke scheme as opposed to a current recognised scheme such as Red Tractor is that we want to work with smaller local British farms which take great care of their livestock and the manner in which it’s slaughtered but don’t have the financial backing or the variety of resources to keep up with the standards. Of course these recognised standards are important and most of the criteria will be adaptations from them but we want our standards to take into consideration the financial restraints small farms and abattoirs are under, which of course does not represent how well these animals are cared for. We’re taking the chance to work alongside James George and Richard Turner of Turner & George and use their wealth of knowledge and experience to aid with our grading.