As November passes you may have heard that one of our account managers, Jamie Prudom, had moved on to pastures new. For those of you that worked alongside him, do not worry, you will continue to be expertly looked after by either Christian Walsh, who has already started visiting some of you, or one of our Directors, James George & Elliott Earnshaw. We want you all to know the changeover will run as smoothly as possible and if there’s anything you need to discuss please get in touch via email .

We want to say a big thank you to Jamie for the last couple of years and wish you and the family the best of luck in the future. But what of Jamie’s corner you ask?? Not to worry guys, were reinventing our corner with “Chef Diaries”, this will be a fresh piece each month solely based on an individual or group of chefs we work with who we feel deserve some recognition for something they have done recently. It could be a new opening, some charity work, an up and coming chef or a trendy event being planned.

If you have anyone in mind you want to put forward we would be more than happy to have them over at Select HQ to answer some of our questions and take a couple of snaps or if your place of work is better, Christian will be on hand to pop by and have a chat on site.

For any recommendations please get in touch here.