As burger professionals we are obviously excited to write about this. On February 22nd we saw the 16 finalists compete in the 2017 National Burger Awards. With a team of distinguished judges standing by the live event it was a day to remember. First off, the chefs prepared a signature dish using their own ingredients followed by a technical round whereby the chefs worked with ingredients provided for them. Being the final it wouldn’t be complete without a round of the Booker Mystery box, to separate the men from the boys. The event was hosted by our very own Christian Stevenson famously known as DJ BBQ. There’s one more part of this we want to shout about. We supplied the burger for one of the finalists and guess what…THEY WON! A massive congratulations to Chris Spencer from Lockhouse, they smashed it with their Locked and Loaded burger. We have Chris coming into Select HQ next on the back of this to discuss a blend for the group.